Curbside Order Info


The Farm Market is open. Curbside is still an option as well.
We have a maximum of 6 customers in the Market, so we encourage shoppers to limit the number of people per family to as few as possible. We will occasionally ask customers to wait outside for a few minutes if needed.
Wearing masks will be strictly enforced .

We have a product list and many photos below for you to use as guides when placing your order. THERE ARE LOTS OF THINGS NOT SHOWN THAT ARE AVAILABLE! Not all products on the list have prices listed (too many to display here) but please always ask if you have questions! We will be adding pictures and new items daily to our Face Book page! Check it out!

Not shown: Scallions, Radishes,
1lb Reg Carrots
Applesauce $3.99pt or $6.99qtSlushies Reg $2.50
Sm $1.95
Frozen $4.25 1/2 gal or $7.50gal
Sliced White or Wheat Bread $4.50
Maple Bread $6.00 or Rolls $7.99/pkg
Assorted Small Pies, Cookies, Breads, and Rolls made fresh in Waterbury at LaStrada Bakery
Stewarts Breads Assorted Kinds
Frozen or Baked Assortment of Fruit or Savory Pies $15 (Baked must be ordered ahead)
Glass 100ml $4.99, 1/2 pint $7.00, Pint $12.00, Quart $18.00,
1/2 Gal $32.00, Gal $56.00
6 pc Candy $5.99, 15 Pc Candy $12.99
Maple Cider Syrup 8oz 10.99
Maple Cream 8oz $10.99 (not pictured)
8oz $7.50, 12 oz $10.50
Sugars 6oz $7.99, 12 oz $12.99
Spice Blends 5 oz $6.99 ( not pictured)

Lots of new Vermont Products on the shelves. Ask for pricing and flavors (not all pictured)

Milk Gallons $3.99 Half Gallons $2.50
Dreamwalker Farm Eggs $4.95/dz
Dreamwalker Farms Meats $10-$11.50/lb
Black River Meats Hamburg $9.99/pkg, Sausage and Hot Dogs $7.99/pkg
Ground Turkey $6.99/lbTurkey Cutlets $8.99/lb, Breast $7.99/lb
Boneless Breast $9.99/lbWings $4.29/lbLegs $4.29/lb
Black River Bacon $8.99/package
Cabot Dairy Products
Sour Cream 16oz $3.49
Butter Qtrs (1 lb Salted or Unsalted) $5.49
8oz Cheddar Bars $4.99
Snack Single Cheese $0.69
Maplebrook Farm Feta and Mozzarella $4.99 each
Flourless Brownie $5.50All Other treats $3.99Assort Soda, Water, Teas
Williston Business! Locally made with love! 8oz Bottle $16.00 or 1oz Travel Size $5.50
4 oz Bars $5.99
Pretzel or Rice Squares $8.99
Cookie (cream filled) $5.99
Tuffles 12 pc $14.99, 24pc $23.99