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Truckin’ Tuesdays Truck Menus

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Baba’s Tacos

Tacos (Chicken or Carnitas) $12
Quesadillas (Chicken, Carnitas or Cheese) $10
Quesadillas (Cuban) $13

A Single Pebble

Scallion Pancake Wrap $14… House Made Scallion Pancake filled with Crispy Chicken or Tofu, Cabbage, Pickles and Heng Yang Sauce 

Cha Shao Bun $8… Two each Steamed Wheat bun filled with Chinese BBQ Pork, Onion and Mushroom

Chilled Sesame Noodle $13… Chilled Lomein with Carrot, Cucumber and Bean Sprout in Sesame Sauce

Chilled Shrimp and Water Chesnut Lettuce Cup $12… Two Each. Minced Shrimp with Water Chesnut seasoned with Ginger, Scallion and Chinese Wine in Romain Lettuce

Vegetable Spring Roll $7… Two Each, Crispy Wheat Wrapper filled with Cabbage, Carrot, Mushroom Seasoned with Five Spice, Shallots and White Pepper

Steamed Roasted Vegetable Dumpling $9… 5 each. Roasted Butternut Squash Red Peeper seasoned with cilantro, Soy Sauce


Hand Cut Fries $3….Add to any order
Cajun Fries $7

Organic Greens Salad $9 (Add VT Bean Crafters Black Bean burger $14)… Mixed Greens, Pickled Red Onions, Shredded Carrots, Avocado, Grafton Cheddar

Grazers Double Cheeseburger. $8… Local Beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Secret Sauce

Fish Tacos (2 in order)$10…Battered and Fried Cod, Pineapple Salsa, Pickled Red Onions, Sriacha aioli

Lobster Roll $17… Lobster on half a Hoagie roll with homemade lemon-basil aioli,

Fried Maplebrook Farms Mozzerella with Bove’s Marinara $9

Kids Chicken Tenders $7… 2 Chicken Tenders w/Fries
Adams Peaches and Cream Milkshake $7